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These Poor Sicilians

These poor Sicilians
Suffer under the reign of terror
British and Americans
Took from them in great unity
Edible items
And furthermore, forbid them
To go to criminals
To buy clandestinely.
When you read it, you become aware,
Being occupied by Germans, what a pleasure.

Sicilians must listen
To orders and prohibitions.
Inflicted upon them by the invaders,
If not, they will be shot dead,
Shot without delay
Treated like wild animals.
And their blood is freely shed,
How mild in contrast the Germans are.
Now people are becoming aware,
Being occupied by Germans, what a pleasure.

We recognize German actions,
Those who have committed against us.
Between the lines of the newspapers
One feels being Sicilian.
Strung up on a foreign rope
Have them all their German deeds,
Crimes, they themselves committed
Are now called American.
Yes, we are well aware:
Being occupied by Germans is a pleasure.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders