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The Animal Man

We learned it early in school,
The human race is wise,
And reason and ingenuity
Turn us from beast to human.

The human is also called
„Homo sapiens“ by science,
In Dutch: „the wise human“
He is famous zoologically.

But he doesn’t think that is enough,
There‘s always a boss and an over boss,
He goes from human to “superhuman,”
The “wise” human becomes a fool.

He wants to rule, to be the boss,
Oppresses, abuses his fellow men,
There must be masters, slaves,
And to be lord is his desire.

Thus, a beast by nature
Is promoted to superhuman,
Destroys life and culture,
And has endevoured a continent.

In truth, the superhuman appears
To be a harsh, cruel inhuman,
Full of hatred and crimes without limit,
He brings pain to all of humanity.

In reality, he is an animal man,
And fellow animals then
Make the beast an idol,
Only the beast is the true man.

A newly created Golden Calf,
Idolatry of hatred and superstition,
Of war dances, military glory,
Of wild, barbaric making.

Drums are beaten, stirred up,
People arm themselves with man and horse,
And then suddenly a shout of jubilation:
It‘s time, the beast is unleashed!

It‘s a fierce and wild predator,
Trampling upon humanity,
It‘s an unmerciful vampire
Devouring lands and drinking blood.

And it inflicts countless wounds,
Brings suffering, mourning, infinite sorrow,
It‘s a hellish carnival,
Ruthless, barbaric, and cruel.

And the degration triumphs,
Madness and wickedness rule,
Animal instincts are unleashed,
And the beast king is a fool.

The triumphal march comes to an end,
The way is congealed for the beast,
A new time is coming
In which the animal man is tamed.

Recently, he has been dealt
Countless blows,
The animal man doesn‘t fare as well
As he originally thought.

He finds his well-deserved reward,
Will soon be skinned and stuffed,
And put mothballed on display,
In the cabinet of curiosities.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders