3rd volume, no. 10, Page 7
3rd volume, no. 10, Page 8

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The Torchlight of Freedom

And even if the oppressor
Wishes to kill freedom,
He cannot kill the divine breath
Of freedom and of justice.

We carry through the dark times
The torchlight of freedom,
The path to freedom is very long,
But we do not despair.

The path is tough, the path is long,
and thorny and difficult,
But within us sings the song of freedom,
We are freedom’s army.

We are the army of the new era,
The army of the new world,
Confident of victory and ready for battle,
Holding the torchlight of freedom.

And many who, like us,
Carried the torchlight of freedom,
lost the light banner too soon,
And that is a pity.

For some, the path became too long,
And they grew weary of the fight,
In their hearts, the song died,
The wondrous song of freedom.

And even if many brave comrades
Fell into enemy hands,
Through misfortune or betrayal,
The strings of freedom

Did not stop playing in our hearts,
When such things occurred,
It made us doubly aware of the fight,
We see the end is near.

We do not ask about lineage and character,
We only know the goal,
And our hearts have always preserved
The exalted feeling of freedom.

We carry through the night of time
The torchlight of freedom,
Now it is not too far away,
Freedom is in sight.

Post-Editing: Hanny Veenendaal