2nd volume, no. 7, Page 2
2nd volume, no. 7, Page 3

cover / introduction

New Outlook

Churchill announces a significant event.
S.P.T. learns from London:
“Before mid-March, the world will be witness to the greatest ‘military operation ever recorded in history,’” Churchill said to a delegate on Wednesday afternoon when asked about the status of the invasion during a break in the debates of the House of Commons. Both in military and political circles, this statement by the Prime Minister is highly significant. After all, the Prime Minister announced the events in Sicily in a similar manner, as it is recalled here, with the words: “Before the leaves of the trees fall, important military actions will take place.” – 21/01/44

And the heart beats with joy,
Again we are given new hope
Because before mid-March
A new prospect opens.

Then begins the final act
Of this dreadful war
The beat of a thousand engines
Hammer the tune of victory,

Hammer the tune of freedom,
Hammering a new life for us,
Happiness and joy, like never before
For us as it used to be.

And although we have never before
Sat in such a deep abyss
We held the flag high
We never ever forget

That this suffering does not last forever,
Once the spell will be broken
And the pain that consumes us,
Perhaps only lasts for weeks now.

Yes, in my heart sounds
A feeling and a premonition now
That spring brings with it
A victory of the flags of freedom.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders