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Nazi Sailor’s Tall Tale

Invasion Perspectives.
Dr. Goebbels‘ article in “Das Reich”
The failure of the invasion would bring about a total change in the general war situation in our favor. This is the interesting thesis that Dr Goebbels develops in his latest article, which, probably not without reason, was made available to the press earlier than usual. This article deserves special attention due to its timing and theme. Furthermore, it cannot be overlooked that the view of the invasion of the German minister is explicitly directed towards England, a fact that holds significance in the current political, diplomatic, and journalistic atmosphere. Great Britain has long been convinced that the invasion is the riskiest adventure that Anglo-American warfare can undertake. England and the United States are staking everything on the invasion and will lose the war very quickly if this gamble proves to be wrong. Germany has, of course, taken this into account in its calculations about the further course of the war. This formulation by Dr Goebbels undoubtedly provides some insight into one of the most important principles of German military and political strategy. Dr Goebbels acknowledges that “the war is approaching its critical climax. We will never have such a favorable opportunity to decisively change the course of the war. We have done everything possible to completely disillusion our opponents and disrupt the house of cards of its so-called certain victory.” The German expectation regarding the decisive turning point that must be given to the war on the invasion front could hardly be formulated more clearly. Finally, the German minister declares that England would gladly take a step back to the August days of 1939 if it were able to do so. – 22-1 44

The worse their position,
The harder it is to lie,
But Goebbels thinks he will
Fulfil the requirements.

He has already consumed a lot of resources,
And a hundred thousand cuts,
To quell the people‘s anger,
He sails around the reefs.

He maneuvers and he navigates,
Avoiding many a cliff,
The German people are directed
By the helm of his lips.

Indeed, Goebbels is a sailor,
He must steer and guide,
In Germany, things are going really well,
He must daily affirm.

Despite his oath and vow,
More now recognize,
The much-praised Hitler course
Fails and flounders miserably.

Half of Germany will soon be destroyed,
Be it Prussia, Saxony, Bavaria,
They all see the bankruptcy,
It cannot be concealed.

The industry of the Ruhr
Became a field of ruin,
In Russia, things go backwards,
In the South and in the North.

And now the invasion is imminent,
From Britain‘s islands,
The Nazis are quite fearful,
And should actually be whimpering.

The invasion brings them death,
And brings them ruin,
The culprits for this misery,
The Nazis must perish.

The Nazi ship is ruthlessly
Driven toward the abyss,
And Doctor Goebbels, the sailor,
Still seeks to delay it.

He sings his propaganda song,
Like old Pied Pipers,
And thinks, if this still works,
He can prolong the journey.

He lets the German fool‘s ship
Sail in a zigzag course,
And this marvelous trick
He has used for years.

And if Adolf, the captain,
Had not Joseph Goebbels‘ fiction,
Then Germany would clearly see
The direction of Hitler’s course,

For which it has for many years
Been driven towards death,
Yes, Hitler thanks Himmler,
For hiring Goebbels.

Goebbels is worth something,
He knows how to stretch the voyage,
He doesn‘t sail straight, no, he sails
In nooks and corners.

And often sails in circles,
And crooked, never straight,
He tells the people everything
With mist and fog.

He brings a new illusion
To support up the regime,
Boldly claims the invasion
Would benefit the Nazis.

If only one resists powerfully,
The misery will end,
Then comes the desired victory,
Fate will turn.

Then it will look quite different
From what the Britons think,
Their house of cards will collapse,
Let only the leadership guide.

And just do your duty bravely,
And give us your trust,
So we sail through night to the light,
To victory through death and terror.

The captain knows what he wants,
He stands on his bridge,
The leader, undaunted and silent,
Defies the treachery of fate.

He is, whatever happens there,
Not to be disturbed,
With such a captain,
Our journey must succeed.

And Adolf Hitler stands on board,
A sailor like no other,
And despite all the mass murder,
He still can‘t reach his goal.

He knows it‘s going toward the abyss,
But he mustn‘t show it to the people,
It would be the end of peace,
If you wouldn’t keep it quiet.

The German boat sails towards the abyss,
But only the leadership knows,
And they lie, saying the hardship passed quickly,
And is of no consequence.

The people are strengthened with lies,
And they try to cheer them up,
But when the deceit is realized,
Then they will soon rebel.

Then they won‘t be loyal to Hitler anymore,
As in past years,
They will send the leaders with “Ahoy!”
To hell as quickly as possible.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders