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Without a Brain

Medical Care of Germany’s Soldiers.
Brain and spinal cord injuries are no longer dangerous.
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The A.N.P. correspondent reports from Berlin: The high level of medical care for Germany’s soldiers, which also greatly benefits the civilian population, and carefully maintains the overall national strength, has been well-known for some time, particularly from the World War of 1914. Through continuous new discoveries and inventions, Germany’s medical apparatus, encompassing all activities in the field of sanitation and hygiene, is constantly being perfected. As a result, astonishing results are often achieved. For instance, brain and spinal cord injuries are healed in a high percentage of cases, and patients are fully restored in the use of their phy­sical and mental faculties through entirely new after-care, so that one can hardly speak of dangerous injuries in these cases anymore. In an auxiliary hospital, for example, where 90 such wounded received care, they completely recovered in reading, speaking, writing, and arithmetic with training from six speech teachers. In some cases, the mental recovery even extended to reviving paralyzed brain hemispheres. Most of the soldiers treated in this manner regained full possession of their mental faculties.

If a German soldier is wounded
At the head or the spinal cord,
Then that is not at all a problem
And not unhealthy either.

If one reads what the newspaper writes
Really carefully
That one knows that no damage remains
And everything heals well.

And even if the brain is severely damaged,
It will be repaired,
And sometimes it is the greatest luck,
If one has received a surgery.

Parts of the brain missing?
The skull somewhat dislocated?
Then one feel quite comfortable
And completely relieved.

And with no concern and calmly
One accepts what is in front of you,
Every problem becomes easy,
After all, people don’t think things through!

The ideal tributary
Of the modern era,
Lets things happen and lets it go,
With a great capacity of suffering,

With what the great men do,
And he likes everything,
Neither brain nor shoe pinches,
That is the correct line.

A new time, a new sound,
That is where men want to go,
The brains are quickly removed,
and every resistance falls silent.

One believes everything one hears,
And doesn’t doubt it,
Trusts the propaganda word,
Goebbels has free rein.

Faithfully swallow all what he says,
And swears by the swastika,
One works and hungers and fights,
And no longer thinks of home.

One has forgotten child and wife
And what one once possessed,
One is only loyal to the Führer,
Only he has control over you.

It is an army without a brain,
An army without wish,
It fights and suffers silently without pain,
Adolf’s Machine Men.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders