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Panic Among the Bigwigs

The acting mayor of Breslau, Dr. Spielhagen, was executed by the Volkssturm due to his extreme cowardice. – 29-1-45

On the orders of Reichsführer SS Himmler, the police president of Bromberg, SS-Standartenführer von Salis, was demoted, sentenced, and executed for cowardice and dereliction of duty. Kreisleiter Ramm, Mayor Ernst, and Government President Kühne, all from Bromberg, were demoted and assigned to a probationary unit that is tasked with highly dangerous and difficult assignments. – 8-2-45

The mayor of Königsberg (a town between Stettin and Berlin), Flöte, was summarily sentenced to death and hanged for leaving the city without necessity. – 10-2-45

In German Nazi circles,
Wild fear now prevails,
And many bigwigs,
As I read in the newspapers,

Fled from the Russians and Cossacks,
Just recently,
For if they are caught,
Their punishment will be severe.

The Russians put hemp ropes
Around their necks,
And one wants to avoid that,
It is considered quite harsh.

One saw how many Nazi
party officials,
Stricken with fear and dread,
Packed their suitcases,

Government President,
And Lord Mayor,
And many other fellows,

Who always emphasized
their great bravery
As German heroes,
They were not willing

To stand by their words,
And they ran away,
And dared not fight,
They were terrified!

Thus, they abandoned their positions
And their places of residence,
When Himmler realized this,
He turned pale with anger.

„You have failed,“
Himmler said, deeply dismayed,
„For years, you have enjoyed
The pleasures of your position,

And now that the burdens come,
You quickly fled the scene,
Very cowardly,
From the East of the Reich

To safer regions,
For example, to Berlin,
That was not a bad decision,
But here, the territory

Is already reserved for Dolf and Göring,
And Ley,
Here sits the government,
All others are rejected.

That you have fled
From your permanent position,
You will pay dearly for it,
Party comrades, it will cost

Nothing less than your life,
Because, my friend, you were too cowardly,
So you will have to die,
The death penalty is your punishment.

The bigwigs are caught
Between two choices:
Captivity by the Russians
Or being hanged

By that good old boy,
Hein Himmler, a sad prospect,
For they are terribly afraid,
And their lives are dear to them.

If other people died,
That never could dampen
A Nazi man’s spirit,
He supported Adolf‘s plan

And Adolf’s method of murder,
And through this reign of terror,
Many perished,
Now a different wind is blowing.

For Adolf’s Nazi children
Are going down the drain today,
That truly should not bother them,
We say: Let them go.

Post-Editing: Hanny Veenendaal