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Corked Story

Be thrifty with money and possessions. Whoever doesn‘t respect the bottle and cork isn‘t worthy of the sparkling wine. Deinhard Cabinet

We need them!
Countless used champagne corks are stored forgotten in cellars and attics. If you want to occasionally enjoy a bottle of Henkell Trocken in the future, then help us and return them to your supplier. We thank you in advance! Henkell & Co, Wiesbaden-Biebrich

A bottle of champagne naturally comes with
A stopper since ancient times,
But Germany now faced a dire situation
With corks being stopped.

The German sparkling wine industry
Is in quite a predicament,
The corks are missing, so it can‘t
Produce any sparkling wine

And whether it‘s Deinhard Cabinet,
MM, or Henkell Trocken,
Every brand seeks quite nicely
To ask and entice

Send us your old corks,
Or there will be a crisis,
You won‘t get any sparkling wine at home,
The cork is the motto.

Many corks lie purposelessly
In cellars or attics
Forgotten and deteriorating in the dirt
And that‘s a shame

If Germany wins this war
As they promised you,
Then you, every child can see,
Won‘t toast to the final victory.

No champagne toast to Hitler‘s health,
No sparkling wine toast to his life,
Cliquot and Heidsieck Monopol
Those you also won‘t have

No drop of sparkling wine in the cellar anymore
Full of sorrow you will sit,
The Henkell bottles stand empty
And Germany itself is dry

The joy of victory will be awakened
Only when you can drink to it,
But if there is no bottle of sparkling wine,
Then the joy will sink.

And so everyone contributes
With many corks,
The mood will be like in May once again,
The mood will be quite cheery.

But if I were in your place,
I‘d leave the corks behind,
Because it‘s all for naught,
You won‘t win after all.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig