1st volume, no. 4, Page 17
1st volume, no. 4, Page 18

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The New Service

The war brings burdens ans shortage,
I say positively,
You have no butter and no fat,
But many inconveniences.

A new service has emerged,
Our country is amazed,
Which has already done much good,
It eliminates traitors.

The execution squad
Available at home today,
Punishing traitors and spies
For serving the swastika.

And for anyone who wants a reference,
Can go to hell,
And ask Reijdon and Posthuma,
They will tell you,
They were really well served,
It wasn’t that bad,
I place a follow-on order
For the entire NSB.

The execution squad

District Leader Key sits at home in the evening,
Then the phone rings,
And Mr. Key suddenly turns pale,
He hears a mocking voice:
You have lived long enough,
But now it‘s over,
You will soon be put away,
Enjoy your meal, Mr. Key.

The execution squad

The execution squad,
The new purifier,
Seems like a good cleaning service,
So all in all.
I hope it will be expanded
On a larger scale soon,
Then we‘ll get rid of the vermin
And sing very radically:

The execution squad

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders