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NSB People

In former times you’d go to Germany
And had a good time there
Put your worries aside
Enjoyed the German beer.

Took a trip along the Rhine
There was such a mood and singing
How delicious was the wine
The time was surely not boring at all.

People got out of control
And then said to themselves
How sober are the Netherlands
But here in Germany something is going on.

But those who were in such a mood
Such a person did not think
That this pleasure was not Germany
He saw Germany as wonderful and peaceful.

For foreigners with plenty of money
There was a table well prepared
The people were less well-off
And felt less cheerful.

Food scarce, prices high
The wages low, the work hard,
The miracle doctor Goebbels lied
“With us” everything is well organized.

And they came back enthusiastic
The vacation trip was wonderful,
In the Netherlands people are so stiff
And Germany is a paradise.

Beer and wine every day in Germany
Here endless coffee, tea,
It should be here as in Germany;
That’s how they became NSB!

In the meantime we see: The practice
Looks a little different,
The Lie Doctor was not right,
The rascal deceived us.

Neither they gave us beer nor wine,
Where is our coffee, where is our tea,
Where will be our Jenever?
The Moffen took everything!

When the Netherlands was occupied,
People rejoiced about the occupation
And see: It’s a different kind of fun
Than during the vacation season!

What did they act for us
Of community and happiness.
And now we see the true picture
Unmasked, without the mirror trick!

One feels rather duped
But now we are in the boat,
The way back is denied us
And our helmsman is Death.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders