1st volume, no. 4, Page 9
1st volume, no. 4, Page 10

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A W.A. Man Sings on the Eastern Front

I‘m sitting here on the Eastern Front,
Where Anton Mussert sent me
I give my life and my blood
And Mussert has approved that for a long time.

He sits warm at the headquarters
I’m sitting here in Russia’s winter
My limbs are freezing to death,
But Anton Mussert suffers no distress.

Once I followed Mussert’s flags
And was a member of the W.A.
And Mussert, hired by the Krauts,
Sent me to Russia.

Anton has sorted it out beautifully
He sold me to Hitler
The leader pocketed the blood money,
Calls this joke “National Community”.

Many already know,
Detest the NSB bunch
Who always speak of the “National Community”
And act differently to what they preach.

When you stand here like this in Russia,
It makes many people reflect
Many people think now
What fools we have been.

We were sent against Russia
And Russia has done nothing to us
People were seduced by words and songs
And became soldiers for the German cause.

Here I sit now and sing my song,
Because my leader betrayed me,
I was so loyal to him,
He sold me to Russia.

The NSB ideal is lost,
And if I die, it will be with a curse,
Cursed be Wolfsangel and Houzee,
cursed also Mussert’s NSB.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders