1st volume, no. 11, Page 6
1st volume, no. 11, Page 7

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Last Stage of Horror

It becomes uncomfortable now,
There is no fun,
And Greater Germany is horrified,
Terror without measure.

Last stage of horror,
Himmler devilishly evil,
The audience is anxious,
And one is nervous.

The war has long been lost,
But they lie and twist,
And still promise victory,
Until it’s no longer possible.

But the truth is not dead,
No, it is already stirring.
Despite the ban, it destroys
Every illusion.

Despite the Gestapo apparatus,
Despite inquisition,
Despite persecution and betrayal,
The sound of truth sounds.

Truth resonates through a poem,
And it continues to spread,
The word of freedom can no longer
Be suppressed.

Whoever continues to carry the truth,
And does that openly,
Woe to them, Heinrich Himmler‘s fury
Will strike them down.

Some disseminator may be caught,
But the truth remains
That the swastika symbol
Quickly leads to death.

And Mrs. Truth, she puts on
A mocking face,
Hitler is, as everyone sees,
Afraid of a poem.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig