1st volume, no. 14

Introduction to the content

In the first text, Curt Bloch addresses his “beloved German audience.” For “the Path to Truth”, he recommends not listening any longer to the lies of the National Socialists. Instead, one should invert every word heard from that direction: “When they write of a ‘final victory,’ read it as ‘defeat.’” To attain clarity, one must “turn Doctor Goebbels upside down” – then the truth will be found.

“Bijltjestag” – the “Day of the Axe” – is a term commonly used in the Netherlands, originating from the 18th century. It indicates that after a period of oppression, the time for reckoning has come. The name has its origins in the 18th century and comes from ship carpenters who were also called “Bijltjes” because of their axes. Curt Bloch believes that the punishment for “traitors, henchmen of the Krauts” with a chopping tool is too bloody. Instead of the “Day of the Axe,” an official Dangle Day should take place where all fascists are hanged, to “dangle from the trees in the forests”

While the German people suffer from hunger and endure Allied bombings, Curt Bloch observes The Grin of the Reichmarshal: Hermann Göring, who is responsible for the great suffering, appears radiant and in high spirits. He aims to overshadow doubts about the successful outcome of the war with this smile. However, the people “squirm in pain and think: when will his smile disappear”.

Perekop is located on the strategically important isthmus between Crimea and the Ukrainian mainland. Two days after the place was still firmly in German hands, the Russian army unexpectedly advanced quickly and drove the Germans off the peninsula. Curt Bloch rejoices that the Third Reich will soon fall and looks forward to further pleasant Surprises.

Reich Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels tries to uplift the fellow countrymen who are battered by intense Allied attacks by claiming that the British are already very terrified of German revenge. But this promise of retaliation provide Weak Consolation. For even in Goebbels, one can already see the last grains of sand running out in his hourglass.