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The Path to Truth

My dear German audience,
You want to know the truth,
You realize that Herr Göbbels keeps you ignorant,
You are being betrayed by him.

You notice the deceive
And betrayal of the management,
Truth is being distorted, twisted,
And thus ends up in the newspaper.

What it in the newspaper today,
Is a treacherous web.
They hope and wish and think, to
Sustain Suspense.

They would like to in any case
Keep up the spirit,
And therefore must, with a torrent of phrases,
Distort truth.

At this moment, truth
Is too terrible and too bitter,
The Nazi clique wants to avoid
The raging of the people’s anger.

They know that when you see the truth
Through merciless shutter
And clear objectivity,
Their time is up.

Call a spade a spade,
You will witness the defeat
And when you clearly recognize,
You raise your arm to strike a final blow.

And to prevent this from happening,
They start retouching,
Herr Göbbels sings his fairy tale,
To suggest to you,

That Germany is still winning the war,
But it sounds like a sung-out song,
And if you think carefully,
Memories come.

The German people hear the singing,
It sounds brittle and hoarse,
Once, they heard the same sound,
Shortly after, the Kaiser fell.

Bragging, boasting and swanking is
The swastica scum,
The people want truth, outright
And free from Göbbels‘ deceit.

It feels cheated, fooled,
And wants to find the truth.
Well then, I will advise you,
To find out the truth.

Reverse exactly
what the papers print today,
Rejoice when Göbbels‘ angry roaring
Resounds within your ears.

And when he writes “black”, read it as “white”,
And when he writes “sweet”, read “bitter”,
And when he writes “cold”, then it‘s “hot”,
Instead of “courage”, read “trembling”.

And instead of “good”, read “bad”,
“Strengths” means “weaknesses”,
And when Herr Göbbels writes about “justice”,
It means “crime”.

If he writes about a “final victory”,
Read it as “defeat”,
And when he writes that Hitler remains:
Counted are Hitler’s days.

And if he writes straight, read crooked,
And if he writes crooked, read straight.
Yes, just reverse his writing,
If he writes benefit, read harm.

Recognize in him the lying phony,
Do realize finally,
Turn Doctor Göbbels upside down,
Then you will find the truth.

Post-Editing: Kurt Gerhard Funke