1st volume, no. 15, Page 2
1st volume, no. 15, Page 3

cover / introduction

Out of Circulation

“For too long we have reaffirmed
Patience and consideration,
But now it’s over and many enemies
Will now be taken out of circulation.”

That was declared not long ago
By the noble ,
These words will undoubtedly
Strengthen their sympathies.

How noble they are, how good they are,
What magnificent words they have,
And now they created – truly, what a find,
A new term for murder.

Someone somewhere they have murdered,
Then they call it without timidness,
As if it were a banknote:
“Taken out of circulation.”

The gold of truth has been stolen,
And in its place came the lie,
They live by robbery and they live by murder,
And are still rejoicing it.

They put the good off course,
It is the age of the wicked,
They have murdered joy and freedom,
Human rights are being trampled.

Yes, this is the reign of evil,
The scum now rules the earth,
Ruling by terror and shedding human blood,
Contemptuous of human dignity.

They are still proud of their crimes,
And dare to confess them,
Their victims were, cynically stated,
“Taken out of circulation.”

There will come a time when justice prevails,
Their speculation will be over,
Each of them, wherever they are found,
Will be immediately taken out of circulation.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders, Tom Rieke