1st volume, no. 15, Page 4
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Twilight of Dictators

I find that Hitler and the Duce
No longer look particularly remarkable,
Yes, after Badoglio’s bold putsch
The louse is sitting in a fascist fur coat.

First, they showed friend Benito
Freed from captivity,
An ousted Hirohito
In inconspicuous civilian clothes.

The great man’s appearance
Seemed quite worn to us,
A worn out Schinderhannes:
He was really lucky again.

Then we saw him with his colleague
Adolf in the Führer’s headquarters,
I follow your path entirely,
Friend Adolf, I promise you.

But both are not very blessed
With luck in war recently,
The joy of victory is washed away,
It belongs to the past.

Even Adolf’s glory has long faded,
He seems broken, resigned,
He has found the master now,
He knows that he is losing the war.

Losing? He has already lost it,
Fiasco brought him “Mein Kampf”
The sweat of fear beads out of his pores,
Death spasms are approaching soon.

His smile is bittersweet,
You can plainly see it’s difficult for him,
We know that soon his death rattle will follow,
The Third Reich will soon be no more.

The shadows of death can be seen scurrying,
His face seems already bloated,
He would like to still conceal it,
But his attempt fails.

It doesn’t stick to the clothes
What is happening to dictators now,
Freedom cannot be suppressed,
The men know, it marches on.

Post-Editing: Edward Ruehle