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Good Care

It is often said that this time
Leaves much to be desired.
People, be content,
We are given substitutes.

Seyss-Inquart is particularly
Concerned about our well-being,
That will certainly be mentioned
Someday in history.

Our feelings are full of gratitude
Toward our fellow countrymen
And of those sympathies,
I now make myself the interpreter.

The vegetables [groenten] have disappeared
Gone are beets, carrots, and lettuce
Effective replacements
Seyss pulled out of his hat.

He has given us [groenen]
Very hospitably
Greens [groenen] instead of greens [groenten],
Only one letter is missing.

And this one letter [t],
He brings us to “tea”
Tea was also replaced,
We bear it patiently.

Although the eastern neighbor
Has taken away our coffee,
We know that they still came
Nastily for a coffee party.

Has rubber become scarce?
Why do you complain, old man,
They often give us to taste
Of the German rubber stick.

The legumes have vanished
It doesn’t matter much, my son,
Rauter treats us
to many a .

No more taxis available,
It doesn’t matter a bit:
Because in a police car
One can have a free ride.

And even the thrill of the movies
Has been replaced quite well,
has been surpassed,
The Netherlands became the Wild West.

Do we have too little freedom?
People, be happy, be joyful,
We know that all of us
Are today outlaws.

I am moved by so much
Care for our well-being,
Still, I am afraid that my thank-you
Will not please Mr. Seyss.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders, Tom Rieke