1st volume, no. 15, Page 8
1st volume, no. 15, Page 9

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“Breakthroughs Sealed Off”

First, they had defeated the Russians
But despite their defeats,
People saw new fresh red forces
Appearing again and again,
They were stronger than they thought.

Hitler called them vanquished
But he started again,
Despite Goebbels’ lie bombs
It can no longer be denied
That the Germans are running homeward.

In the beginning, they said “elastic”
And the front held up fantastic,
But now it becomes clear and vivid
That the front has failed
In the struggle of life and death.

And the truth is being bent,
And lies are being repeated,
Sucked from the German thumb,
Today we are being swindled,
Breakthroughs are denied.

And while they pack their bags
And choose to do a runner,
They lie about Soviet losses:
Red tanks have been shot to pieces,
Red armies surrounded.

With time, one became accustomed
To their lies, to acknowledge
What they shout, what they write,
Twisting and concealing
Should camouflage their fear of death.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders, Tom Rieke