1st volume, no. 8, Page 11
1st volume, no. 8, Page 12

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The Leaning Tower

Today’s newspaper presents a picture
Like the world has never seen before:
German SS keeps a brave watch
By the Leaning Tower in Pisa.

The ancient landmark tower looks down
Upon the Teutonic people,
It seems to warn them:
You too are part of to the death storm!

Don’t be under any illusion,
No, don’t be mistaken, you rogues,
As your own symbol of doom
You wear the skulls.

The death you brought to the world
Will now kill you itself,
You now keep watch over me,
But your blood will make red

The earth, which you often soaked
With innocent blood,
For Hitler thought, but fate directs,
And you will feel fear.

If you look at me today
In all my inclination,
Then you will surely think, how crooked
Was Adolf‘s perspective.

He led us astray,
Called us to a holy war,
Enthusiastically, we followed him
And sank deeper and deeper.

We feel it, the calamity is near,
We await it with fear,
The adventure failed,
It went wrong for us.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders