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“Cleared According to Plan”

A little phrase now appears daily
In the Wehrmacht reports,
And when it is heard in Germany,
They are pulling long faces.

The word is “cleared according to plan,”
And one can hear daily
That the German army has again
Lost something “according to plan”!

You might think it‘s something new
To clear according to plans,
No, my dear friend, already for years
Adolf‘s men have “cleared”.

Though no German Wehrmacht report
Has given an account of it,
Yet we all have seen it
And could experience it.

Wherever the German armies go
Under their Führer,
They “cleared according to plan”
Clothing, edible things.

And money and goods and what you will
Impossible to count,
Germany needed it,
We had to do without it.

The Kraut Army struck the world
With new locust plagues,
Our prosperity was stolen, “cleared,”
For we were defeated, after all.

That Germany was the victorious,
We could have known,
We are now “cleared” of everything
Feeling stripped bare.

However, the Krauts are still there,
We still see it passively
And cherish the firm hope
That it‘s only temporary.

One day, the anger,
The wrath will overflow,
Then we will, according to plan,
Get rid of the scum.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders