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Astronomical Possibilities

(4th Reich Cabaret)

The glory is coming to an end,
His star is fading,
The people’s soul boils vehemently,
He wishes to escape from it.

The people, lulled to sleep by him,
Awakes from this sleep,
Demand that Adolf Hitler receives
The well-deserved punishment.

And Adolf is so terribly afraid,
Full of trembling and shaking,
He thinks and considers for hours,
How can I save my life?

Manic priest who praised violence
In the most beautiful colors,
It always left him completely cold
When millions died.

The world doesn’t mean much to him,
He boldly put it in chains,
And now his only goal is
To save his life.

He proclaimed mass murder
As a grand event of the time,
And now seeks a quiet place
To escape revenge.

He is tormented and hunted now,
By the schemes of retribution,
And no one wishes it, no one dares,
To shelter the Führer.

It is known that the whole world
Hates him like sin,
No wonder it is difficult
For him to find a hiding place.

And those who supported him
Now have enough worry lines,
And too much to deal with themselves
Than to deal with him.

So the attempt cruelly fails
To save his life,
The curse of evil deeds punishes him,
And everything is in vain.

And Adolf thinks and Adolf broods
In length and breadth,
If he might still find
Other possibilities.

And from the earthly unity front
He lets his gaze wander
And sees on the sky’s horizon
A silver lining for him.

Perhaps in the world of stars
A good word might help me,
That someone will provide me
A safe refuge.

I see, it’s too difficult here,
They don’t like to shelter me,
The world is loveless for me,
I am going to the heavenly yonder.

He takes his celestial telescope,
Says: Stars and planets,
To which one of you, will allow a great man
To now enter as a refugee?

Say Venus, how about you,
You, my beloved darling,
I beg you, grant me
A cozy warm place.

She shakes her head dismissively,
If everyone drove you away,
You would never be allowed access here,
This is a place of love.

He makes a warlike sign,
Just not to cause offense,
And asks the male planet Mars,
May I hide here?

And again comes a sharp No!
You are not chosen,
Up here one must be a Field Commander,
Which you never were.

And he continues to Neptune,
God with the big belly.
And thinks maybe it’s okay
If I go into hiding here.

But on the door hangs a sign:
Strictly forbidden for Hitler,
He has defiled my realm,
With the submarines.

He thought the Milky Way
Might improve things for me,
But in the battle for nutrition,
The milk was too watered down.

Finally, he came to Aquarius,
Who couldn’t tolerate
That he wanted to demote him
To an under-water man.

Moreover, it also came to light
On this day:
The story with the yellow Jewish star
For which he was resented.

And Adolf is very depressed,
What is to become of me now,
No place is reserved for me
In heaven and on earth.

So I hear Adolf Hitler grumbling,
Baffled embarrassed sinner,
I advise you: Go to Saturn,
He ate his own children!

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders