1st volume, no. 8, Page 2
1st volume, no. 8, Page 3

cover / introduction

Reply to the “Kriegsmarine”

The Dutch Naval heroes,
illustrious figures,
Currently have to pay the bill
And to bear a lot.

The routine of the Foreign Legion
Revives once again its former glory,
They recruite for the “Kriegsmarine” [Nazi Navy]
And abuse history.

They try to entice
To serve on German boats,
They will pay with their lives,
For the interests of despots.

They talk of Dutch maritime interests,
Of “sea-minded Dutch sons,”
And try with this to trap a nation,
Yet the Netherlands won’t be mocked.

It sails for a free Netherlands,
And against foreign navys,
And resists with tooth and nail
To serve under a foreign flag.

Historically, it seems strange,
How Germany, without a maritime past,
Feels itself qualified and worthy
To present itself as maritime teacher.

Don’t you bother anymore, gentlemen
You can save yourselves that,
We don’t need to learn from you,
We will soon sail for ourselves.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders