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Perspectives at the Eastern Front

Front shortening provided new reserves.
Where evasive movements were carried out, this was done completely orderly after all objects of importance to the enemy were destroyed and always with the aim of shortening the front and thereby obtaining new reserves. – 31-8-43

Von Manstein, the skilled tactician, once again uses space as a weapon to resist the Soviets. – 30/12/43

Evasion is not proof of inferiority.
On the German side, it is meanwhile pointed out that it would be wrong to consider the evasive movements, even if of considerable magnitude, as proof of inferiority. – 14-1-44

It is argued that the strategy of space is now being applied and that while it is painful, it is not decisive for the outcome of the war. Another strategy is not possible given the fact that the otherwise excellently trained and specialized German soldier must fight against overwhelming odds. – 20/11/1944

Also, the Allied report regarding the encirclement of German troops west of Cherkasy is contradicted. In this area, only local fights have taken place in recent days. Furthermore, it is declared that the German troops will most likely succeed in thwarting the opponent‘s encirclement maneuver or at least prevent the destruction of these forces. In any case, it is considered premature in Berlin to commit to statements already. Finally, the encirclement of five divisions at Nikopol is denied. Thanks to powerful counterattacks, they were able to break free. – 11-2-44

The battle in the Dnieper bend.
The A.N.P. correspondent in Berlin reports that the battle in the northern part of the Dnieper bend continues to be of great magnitude. This concerns the sector east of Shashkov and west of Cherkasy, with Korsun as the focal point, where according to Soviet-Russian reports, ten German divisions are encircled. The fierce attacks of the Bolsheviks are supported by massive use of artillery. In contrast, the Germans are launching strong counterattacks both from the center of this area and from outside. The extremely bitter fight is still raging here. – 17-2-44

Slowly it seeps through
And cannot be silenced,
The situation is not particularly favorable,
No, really, there are threats.

Currently, ten divisions of the enemy
Are on the verge of disappearing completely,
After Stalingrad, the greatest stroke of luck
For Stalin and his people.

A pincer movement has succeeded,
The world exclaims: Tremendous it was!
The Germans are being crushed
At Shashkov and Cherkasy.

Just recently, at Nikopol,
Five divisions were destroyed,
The Russian war was no fun,
But now the crisis is only beginning.

They crossed the old border
Of Estonia, Latvia, Poland,
Even if it doesn‘t go according to Hitler‘s wishes,
It is grist to Stalin’s mill.

We have seen many theories
Of reducing frontlines
And of the „space strategy“
Already appearing in the newspaper.

And now we see, the German front
Is longer than before,
Yes, Adolf has already lost his last chance
Without a doubt.

The ample space he had,
Is constantly diminishing,
So many villages, so many cities
Taken by Stalin without hindrance.

We see the German theory
Rebounding against hard facts,
It‘s not a space strategy,
It‘s just talking in space.

Their territory is shrinking
And the consequences are evident:
The time will come when Hitler
Can no longer retreat.

The German army will soon
Have to engage in battle
And if it clashes with the Russians,
It will meet its end.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig