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Germany‘s Coolies

Add to that the Germanic individualism, which manifests itself in our people in a strong desire for a completely own place in this world, no matter how simple and small it may be, where no one else has any say – and it is obvious that our workers, who find themselves compelled to live in a camp, far from wives and children, do so with a certain reluctance. The O.T. knows about it. – 2-3-44

(Own Correspondence)
Berlin, January 27 – Who among us is not occupied with the question of where the Soviet Russian army leadership gets its astonishing reserves of people in this war? We have previously mentioned in connection with this issue that the rulers in Moscow have resorted to rigorously employing even the female part of the population in the war effort and that they have imported several million Chinese coolies from Mongolia to work in the armament factories. – 28/1 44

Hitler is recruiting from all countries
Of his empire working hands.
And in all corners, people are searching now,
For labor, everyone must travel
To the German paradise.

And through French, Russians, Poles,
The German wheel keeps turning,
Getting iron, getting grain crops,
Without them, all would be lost,
Peace would have been a fact long ago,
But this way, one still has some respite.

But on what their power is based,
They are treated like dogs,
They are treated like slaves,
Made to toil and drudge,
The mistreatment knows no bounds,
Because the coolie is not considered human.

Yes, they feel like coolies,
Which is not a very pleasant feeling,
Without joy, without rights,
They are slaves, they are servants,
Far from wife and child and home,
They work for the swastika.

But resistance and hatred, they grow.
Soon they will break their chains,
Czechs, Dutch, and Norwegians,
Adolf Hitler is defeated!
And the night comes to an end,
Germany‘s coolies, show
Your strength!

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig