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His Personal Physician

On February 24th of this year, Hitler awarded his personal physician, Prof. Dr. Theo Morell, the Knight‘s Cross with Cross of Merit for War Service. – During the presentation of this high distinction. – March 6, 1944

Hitler only recently presented the Knight‘s Cross
To his personal physician,
And the latter was quite pleased about it,
As the photo showed.

He kept the beast quite healthy,
Preserved it from harm,
And he himself became plump and round,
Thanks to Hitler‘s grace.

He may now rejoice
With pride in Adolf Hitler‘s favor,
Whom he devoted his medical art
For years.

He has climbed the highest top
Of the ladder,
As his round head is now seen
In the Nazi press columns.

If I were the Führer’s personal physician,
Adolf would no longer live,
And would not be so healthy and vigorous,
I would have poisoned him a long time ago.

But Morell keeps Adolf healthy
With the best medicines,
While the entire world suffers
Under Adolf Hitler‘s reign.

A good physician is Morell
For Adolf‘s heart and kidneys,
He lets the world‘s cancerous growth
Thrive cheerfully and vigorously.

However, no doctor can save the beast
From its fate,
For what it trembles and what it fears,
I am willing to bet.

They are sending Adolf to hell,
The most terrible of hells,
His good personal physician, Herr Morell,
Is allowed to accompany him.

Post-Editing: Ernst Sittig,Sylvia Stawski