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Those at the Atlantic Wall

The question of whether the Atlantic Wall is ready must be answered with yes and no. Yes! Insofar as everything was already prepared months ago to receive uninvited guests, and German commanders declared during our previous visit that they were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the braggarts; No! Insofar as the German high command continues tirelessly to perfect and expand this defense system, constantly supplementing its versatility and scope with new methods and inventions. – 29-2-44

We lie at the Atlantic Wall
And we are afraid of the future,
No roar like thunder is heard,
It takes too long for us.

The war goes on, year after year,
And still, there is no end in sight,
Soldier’s life, to be merry,
Oh Lord, if only that were possible!

In the East, the German army is retreating
Day by day, more and more,
The heart is heavy, hope is lost
And the view is gloomy.

The homeland has been bombed out,
Whether wife or child still lives,
Whether the Tommy will come today
One is in the limbo, in fear

For quite some time
And nothing has happened yet,
And often one wishes it were over
This cannot go on.

In the bunker, it‘s comfortable,
But it‘s no fun,
If only the end would come!
One thinks incessantly.

One lies and waits here in the dirt,
Why, what for, for what?
Completely senseless, without a purpose,
One accepts everything.

The lives of the bigwigs we extend,
And yet their downfall will come,
So here we lie in vain
Today at the Atlantic Wall.

We lie at the Atlantic Wall
And wait for our death,
One wonders that one is still alive
With each morning glory.

Post-Editing: Ernst Sittig, Sylvia Stawski