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Poor Little Geisha ...

Tea and Geisha houses closed in Japan
Tokyo, February 29 (D.N.B) – The implementation of urgent wartime measures, decided by the cabinet on February 25, also entails the temporary closure of the national institutions of tea and Geisha houses for a year, according to the provisions published by the government on Tuesday. Only in the Japanese capital, this measure affects 2100 „machiais“ (tea houses) and 4300 Geisha houses. The Geishas, who have influenced the cultural and political life of Japan for centuries, will abandon their profession of dancing and entertaining guests, and will be employed in companies working for the Japanese military. The impact of this measure is evident from the fact that in Tokyo alone, 300 million yen was spent annually in tea and Geisha houses. The closure will take effect from March 5. Furthermore, the government has decided that all public offices will be working on Sundays from now on. – 2-3 44

The war is now being taken
seriously in Japan as well,
Now they have come to the closure of
the tea houses.

The old glory of the Geisha
unfortunately went to ruins,
And many charming Geisha girls
now have to assemble grenades.

The delicate hand that once only
knew how to play a lute,
today must be bored in the factory
doing different work.

The romance is now over
for the kimono-clad women,
the time of Madame Butterfly,
and many will mourn.

If Germany closes the tavern every night
we can’t lag behind,
away with the tea house and the lotus flute,
away with the tea house women.

And Sydney Jones’ touching song
about the poor tea house girl,
today, as one can see,
becomes relevant again as a melody

For many charming Geisha girls
who now must toil hard,
so they can find something to eat
because they were expelled.

Gone is the old poetry
of cherry blossom branches,
because Japan’s war industry,
must not weaken now.

Like a sacrificial lamb, the Geisha
Had to give up her profession,
she doesn’t know what happened to her
and is contemplating:

If the fate of the country
truly depends on what we work,
then the war will be quickly over,
they will soon find out.

Post-Editing: Dr. Elvira Groot