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Misuse of De Génestet

Join the struggle of our days,
But with your life; in action and work,
Oh, do not speak what thy mouth confesses,
Oh, do not reveal which name or church,
But show from what spirit art thou.
De Genestet. – 8/3

Fellow Dutchmen,
In the above Old Dutch poem by the people’s poet De Genestet, it is already so aptly written: “show from what spirit art thou.”
Therefore, show that the spirit of the greatest Admiral of all times, Michiel Adr. de Ruyter, lives on in all ranks of the Dutch people. Do not linger behind your mother‘s apron, but engage in the future of your people. Fight for freedom at sea! Sail out for Europe! Enlist as volunteers in the German Navy.

De Génestet’s poem is misused
As a call for despicable treason,
Which disregards laws and regulations
Seeks accomplices for its deed,
Its crime, which smells of blood.

The youth of the Netherlands is called upon
To enlist in a foreign fleet,
They are not told that this service
Equals certain death,
On the contrary, it is praised in the newspaper.

„He who shows himself in true spirit
Worthy of times gone by,
He who does not stay home and does not fear,
But fights for the ‚Kriegsmarine,‘
Thus offering help to the German beast.“

The call is in vain,
For there is no one who volunteers,
And no one will offer them help,
No, neither through words nor through money
The Dutch youth will become German vassals.

Post-Editing: Ernst Sittig, Sylvia Stawski