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Farewell to the OWC

We’ve been waiting for months now,
For something to happen,
We want to break free from our prison
Because it can’t go on any longer.

Many a dream has been lost
And we are exhausted,
How much longer will this game go on
We now ask ourselves, demoralized

We see no end, we see no conclusion
And no prospect anymore
And for this reason, our mockery is silenced,
Dejected by time.

The Underwater Cabaret,
A child of these times
Is weary of war and wants to go to bed
And feels nothing more for battle.

Its optimism is extinguished,
There is only sadness,
No matter how hard it tries,
It can’t be cheerful.

The Underwater Cabaret
Concludes, it’s end of story
And my audience understands
I ‘m ending the activities.

Originally, it was my plan
To continue until peace
But since the OWC
Today cannot continue,

I apologize to you
And say I’m sorry,
It no longer has a sequel
So please don’t take offense,

But look at the world’s stage,
Where everything moves slowly
And far too long
Leaves much to be desired.

We have played long enough
And complained long enough
That the final phase is almost boring,
And that’s why

Now It’s up to that clique of comedians
Who just keeps us waiting,
Their grandiloquence makes us lethargic and sick,
We demand action now.

Meanwhile, the OWC thanks you
For your attention
And says for now
Perhaps for a short or long time …

Post-Editing: Marion Frankenhuis