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“Exchange Materials”

Teeka fix fruit tea in infusion bags
The good exchange drink
For tea
Teekanne brand

What to do with hardened Milei W?
Moist stored Milei W tends to harden and is no longer beatable. Then it is dissolved in water to a pulp-like consistency and used to thicken soups, sauces, or to bind meat and potato dough and dumplings.
The milk-born egg exchange material

In the new Reich, many things
Were given new names,
You were caught in the tangle of words,
For this purpose, they coined

So many beautifully sounding phrases
And many imaginative terms
And you were thrilled
By many clever falsification tricks

The German language was permeated
The German language was filled
With many Nazi innovations
And it’s a completely different now

Than it was before Adolf’s times
And whoever examines will discover
Very interesting news
In the language of the swastika adherents.

Yes, surely it’s a different language
Than it was twelve years ago
With Adolf’s swindle, Adolf’s actions
A new repertoire emerged.

They sat at the propaganda lever
And found many new tones,
Created a true fog
Of belief, intoxication, and illusion.

And any inconveniences
They cleverly bypassed very quickly,
And boldly concealed the shortcomings
Of these times and this rule

What was troublesome was kept silent
In as far as it was not eliminated,
It was adorned with bold lies
And the empty splendor of hollow words.

And words that didn’t fit with them
Were simply eradicated,
So that the people could bear the new burdens,
And endure the deprivations.

The word Ersatz [substitute] had to disappear
Because it was very unpopular
And finding a replacement for Ersatz
Seemed quite difficult at first

They searched for a euphemism,
That doesn’t sound so stark and meager,
And that the failure of fascism
Expresses somewhat less clearly.

So in the Third Reich, Ersatz was replaced
With the word “exchange material”
Certainly because this, in comparison,
Doesn‘t hurt the sensitivity as much

One doesn‘t feel as affected
As by the harsh word Ersatz
If people speak of “exchange material”
In the new German vocabulary today

So they exchanged butter, exchanged eggs,
Coffee and tea for you
And Prussia, Saxony, Swabia, Bavaria
Are intoxicated by the new words

And with fire, with the sword
Adolf‘s new era was destroyed
And many old values were “exchanged”
For new inferiority

It doesn‘t distinguish itself by clarity
And honesty, the Nazi state
And instead of truth through DNB
Many truth‘s “exchange” surrogates.

Editing: Nannie Braunstein-Beekman