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Meditations of the Easter Bunny

This year, the Easter bunny feels very embarrassed
And sadly wonders, what should I do?
I haven’t received any eggs for the celebration,
Time is really getting me down.

Perhaps a food stamp will still be issued,1)
And everyone will receive graciously one egg from Seyss,
But such a thing cannot heal my sorrow,
A rationed egg does not make me happy.

One single swallow does not make a summer,
One single egg does not create Easter joy,
Only to a dreamer who is out of touch with reality
Such a single Easter egg would bring delight.

However, it diminishes the pleasure for me,
As I see the matter more symbolically,
And when I think it through, I become in the end
Gloomy and melancholic this year.

Times are difficult, and many chickens have died,
Because their right to life was denied,
And those who ruined the chickens’ lives
Also make things difficult for the people.

They now receive no eggs, no butter,
They now receive barely enough to eat,
Gradually, they loose everything,
While they used to have plenty to eat.

Now people are fed with beautiful words
(The nutritional value of which is dubious)
Most of those who heard the hollow phrases,
Understand well, that they are being deceived.

And yet, I have not given up hope,
No, despite everything, I have good spirits,
A conviction has remained with me,
In the end, everything will surely be fine.

1) As we know now, the “symbolic” Easter rationing had no effect (the editor of the OWC)

Post-Editing: Marloes Abeling