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Sparks of Hope

The battle in the southern part of the Eastern front is currently posing very heavy demands on the German armed forces. Yesterday‘s Wehrmacht report, which can be found above, speaks of a bitter struggle, impassable roads, thoroughly muddy terrain, and overwhelming enemy forces. It mentions that the city of Cherson was evacuated and highlights the exemplary steadfastness and unshaken offensive spirit of the German troops. Experience has taught that this only occurs when the German armed forces are being pushed to their limits. However, the situation is not without sparks of hope for the German military leadership. The fact that in the area of Tarnopol, which is currently a fiercely contested bastion of the Germans, the Germans are trying to prevent the opponent‘s advance to the South with increasing success, has led German military circles to evaluate the situation somewhat more optimistically, as further advancement of the Soviet Russians in this sector could create a very dangerous situation for the German forces in Southern Ukraine. Likewise, in the southwest of Kriwoi Rog, the German side believes to see a spark of hope, insofar as the Bolsheviks, attacking here with a strong superiority, have not succeeded in breaking through the German positions during their advance towards Nikolajew. So, sparks of hope are not lacking. – 15-3-44

The old splendor has disappeared
The old grandeur has disappeared
The military leadership finds it dark
As it has become night in the East

Today, the situation is seen
As worrisome and gloomy,
The optimism of the nation
Has almost entirely disappeared.

All hope was already gone,
Things were seen in the darkest color,
But now new hope has appeared
The German heart beats with joy.

This is because the military leadership
Uncovers some new sparks of hope,
This is the good tidings,
On which half of Germany stares blindly.

In Russia’s sky, darkly overcast
They discover a silver lining,
And they are overwhelmed with joy,
The grip of fate seems to have loosened!

Suddenly, their worries and needs are alleviated,
Perhaps they will still achieve victory,
For there is still resistance
At Tarnopol and Kriwoi Rog.

The Russians could not break through,
At least not during the first attempt
The resistance has not yet been broken
And that pleases the Germans very much.

For over time, they became more modest,
Today, they hold their ground somewhere,
With this, they already bring joy
To the whole German fatherland.

Post-Editing: Marloes Abeling