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Either – Or!

Destroyed cities more honorable than defeat.
Dr. Goebbels commemorates the annexation of Austria. – 15-3-44

Leadership of the Führer, a national fortune.
Endurance is crucial.
We know, Dr. Goebbels continued, for what purpose we make sacrifices, for what purpose we persevere, and for what purpose many thousands of our fellow countrymen are deprived of their property and possessions. We know that even this way of waging war is still more bearable for us than the peace our enemies have intended for us.
For the German people, it will not only be more honorable and heroic, but also more advantageous to possess, at the end of this war, a series of devastated cities, but with it, victory and freedom, rather than having undestroyed cities with a defeat. For the united strength of the victorious nation, it will not be too difficult to rebuild destroyed cities.

Despite his limp foot
Doctor Goebbels is an acrobat
Yes, on the high bar of his deception
He performs many heroic deeds

He can twist and contort
On his mental trapeze
And you still let him lead,
You still believe and trust

For Goebbels, there is no doubt
That the ruins of your cities
Are preferable to defeat,
So you gladly accept them

Defeat would bring shame,
Destroyed cities bring heroism,
The more destruction in Germany,
The more you cover yourselves in glory.

Even if you no longer have windows,
Even if the wind whistles through the window hole,
You will remain strong and brave,
Because your hope is still intact,

The hope that in the end
The laurels of victory will still beckon you,
Which after the days of misery
Will bring you a new future.

Yes, dear people, let me tell you,
You can endure the ruins of your cities
And the fire storms better
Than the torment of defeat.

Because no matter how much the cities are destroyed,
It doesn’t matter, as long as you achieve victory,
It would be worse if you had lost
And had intact cities after the war.

You may also be indignant,
But just accept the bombings,
All destruction and devastation
Will be rebuilt after the war.

So today, Dr. Goebbels gives a skewed
Representation of the situation,
He gives an alternative
Either-or illusion,

Either spare the cities
And give up the victory,
Or win the crown of victory,
And many a city becomes a wasteland.

The latter is the lesser evil,
So the propagandist claims,
But Dr. Goebbels, me thinks,
That this beautiful calculation doesn‘t add up.

You know very well, I bet,
That Germany has long since lost the war,
To save your own skin,
You deceive them with your trickery.

For you, there are no possibilities,
The war lasts long or short,
It will lead to defeat
And to the downfall of the Nazi bigwigs.

This is my answer to you,
Dear revolver hero,
We hold you responsible
For every bomb that still falls.

Post-Editing: Eleonore A. Speckens, Inge Folkers