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The Imitator

Déat Minister of Labor. Former French Minister and Chief Editor of L’Oeuvre, Marcel Déat, has been appointed as Minister of Labor and State Secretary for National Solidarity. The State Secretary for Public Health and Family Life, Grasset, has been appointed as Minister. – 17-3-44

Pose and mustache, martial traits,
He imitated them from Adolf Hitler,
He looks exactly, will they discover
Like Adolf, who set the example.

Pioneer for a new France,
A Führer in pocket-size,
You can see it, a leader with every fiber,
Marcel Déat, the man of action.

He has faithfully copied
The Führer of the Germans in everything,
He thinks he can forge a path
By imitating the Nazis.

He replaced the swastika
With a twisted substitute,
Symbol of Marcel‘s devious ways,
Symbol of Marcel‘s treason to the country.

Well, you‘ve got it wrong,
And you, Monsieur, Madame, are wrong
For Déat‘s armlet bears the mark
Only of the zodiac sign Aries,

Symbol of strength and of life,
Symbol of youth, symbol of power,
Symbol of Marcel Déat‘s aspirations,
Of Marcel Déat‘s dream of power.

But all his bold aspirations,
Have not brought any luck so far,
France is also not a country for Nazis,
And France’s people stand firm.

France is also in opposition
To the Krauts and Laval,
And against Déat‘s leadership,
All of France stands united.

With difficulty, Déat has now become
The Minister of Labor,
But behind him stands already sinisterly
Death, seeing its opportunity and smiling …

Marcel Déat, leader of the Rassemblement National Populaire. On the armband, the emblem of the R.N.P.: the sign of the zodiac Aries, symbol of youth and strength. Archive R.N.P. – February 16, 1944

Post-Editing: Marloes Abeling