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“Ça Va Bien …”

Stable Situation in Hungary.
The situation in Hungary was declared as stabilized yesterday in the Wilhelmstrasse. There are no signs of chaotic conditions that were rumored to prevail in Hungary based on the enemy’s claims. The reorganization of relations between Hungary and Germany has contributed to a general relaxation in southeastern Europe as well as a strengthening of readiness in this region. It is the duty of the Hungarian people, as further stated, to deal with traitorous elements. The Hungarian press leaves no doubt about the nation‘s attitude towards these elements.

Szendy, the mayor of Budapest, resigned yesterday. According to the Hungarian Telegraph Agency, the government has dissolved the Independent Smallholders‘ Party, the Hungarian Social Democratic Party, and the Peasant Association. – 30-3-44

The Hungarian government statement published yesterday states among other things: “Our country maintains loyal alliance and traditional friendly relations with the Great-German Reich, but it also fights shoulder to shoulder with its heroic soldiers in the fate-imposed struggle against the common enemy. For the success of the common cause and the common struggle, it is absolutely necessary for the Hungarian nation to exert all its strength on the side of its ally in this struggle that determines our destiny, life or death.” This is clear language that starkly differs from the half-hearted and ambiguous expressions, including those from official sources, which have confused the Hungarian people for some time. In Hungary, the undermining of national strength and interest has come to an end. Three Jewish ordinances have been issued, finally attacking the Jewish influence that has been so fatal to Hungary. Parties have been dissolved, and newspapers endangering the national interest have been banned. Specifically, Hungary but also Romania, Finland, and other states are now coming together, as “Stalin stands at the gates,” to join their forces with the Germanic armies. – 3-4-44

The First Terror Attack on Budapest – 4-4-44

Hungary is now also experiencing its share of the air war. Yesterday, formations of American aircrafts attacked Budapest and heavily bombed several districts. Reports from Budapest indicate that the English-American air raids have left a much greater impression than the Soviet air raids in September 1943. Budapest will be evacuated. – 6-4-44

It seems to go well
According to the newspapers we read,
It’s going well in Budapest,
Because Hungary is following the German paths,
And everything is going there superbly.

No resistance and no opposition
Spreading in Hungary,
We take it with a smile,
Because we know better.

The mayor Szendy has resigned
And Budapest is now without one,
We read the fact and only guess the reason,
Life is not a Csárdás dance.

Three parties were also dissolved,
Because it pleased Hitler,
Nevertheless, the newspaper says
The situation is stable.

Everything is perfectly fine in Budapest,
Yes, everything is in order here,
And whoever disturbs the order and peace,
Was naturally not a Hungarian.

Like everywhere, it was the Jews,
Their intrigues however, are over,
The Hungarian Jews will also be killed,
Because only then everything will be fine.

Now the bombs are falling on Budapest too,
Many disasters hit Hungary,
Those who dare to complain about it,
Will be sent to the concentration camp.

As in all German-occupied countries
It’s now the same in Budapest,
It’s going well there, enough to make one’s mouth water,
Yes, everything is going splendidly there.

Translation: Marloes Abeling, Tom Rieke