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The New German Frugality

You fight the war for your bosses,
And for them, you endure all suffering,
And now you are urged in advertisements
To practice the greatest frugality.

In the use of all things
That one needs for daily life,
Germany will only achieve victory
If one smokes tobacco only on Sundays.

Goodness weighs more than quantity,
True enjoyment lies not in having much,
But in having much of little.
The smoker doesn‘t “burn through”
His pack of Böninger tobacco today,
He enjoys it with care
For special occasions
Or on Sundays!

And if you brush your teeth today,
Use only a little Rosodont,
Excessive consumption hinders Hitler‘s plans
And harms Germany‘s defense front.

What is wastefulness?
When you brush too vigorously with a moist toothbrush over the piece of Rosodont. This causes too much of the precious substance to dissolve, uselessly dripping over the edge of the container. Rosodont is very economical in consumption due to its solid form!
A.H.A. Bergmann Waldheim (SA.)
Rosodont Bergmann‘s solid toothpaste

up and down
You should brush your teeth to thoroughly remove food residues. A small amount of Kaliklora toothpaste is sufficient. The latter is scarce and must be used very sparingly.

When the German woman goes to rest,
She applies a thin layer of night cream,
She thinks, if I apply too much,
It hinders the German victory.

In wind and weather
One should effectively protect the facial skin
With Engadina cream
A thin layer is sufficient, as each package must last for a long time.
Engadina Comp.-ges. Hanau A. Main

Leichner Powder Cream
Apply only a little, it‘s enough.

Laun Cream
is rare today
Think about it and save!
M. Laun, Munich
Kaufingerstr. 35

And she carefully washes her stockings,
Which are now “valuable national goods.”
Every German nymph knows
Today a baby is easier to get than stockings.

Stockings are valuable national goods. Proper care prolongs their lifespan.
Kunert stockings
Change often, wash often (but never hot)! Do not rub, brush, or wring. Rinse again with lukewarm water immediately after washing. Air dry! This keeps the delicate fabric soft and elastic.
Kunert stockings* cared for this way last three to four times longer!
*Products from Europe‘s largest stocking factories

This effort will pay off if you want to preserve your stockings: Roll them up from the bottom!
FTO stockings

And she also takes care of her girdle,
Treats it like a delicate egg,
She knows she won‘t get another one quickly,
But if she wins, it doesn‘t matter.

Lusa bras and girdles
last longer if washed lukewarm when needed and small damages are repaired immediately.
The popular models will only be easily available after the war.

Do not wash Forma girdles and Forma bras with muscle power, but with an understanding of the delicacy of these fine pieces of underwear! So: soak briefly and wash lukewarm by hand with a not too hard brush. Do not boil! Whoever acts like this prolongs the lifespan of their Forma girdle, their Forma bra … and that is important today!
Forma girdles
Forma Factory Eugen Doertenbach, Cologne

The German woman dares little today
To approach her wardrobe,
Because of the general bankruptcy,
She is afraid to take anything out.

Is her stock of clothes getting smaller?
Take a look; it‘s difficult to replace clothes today. If you notice that your stock of clothes is getting smaller, it‘s high time to do something about it – otherwise, you‘ll find yourself with empty closets one day. Start immediately with systematic laundry care and avoid all mistakes that lead to damage. You can find the correct instructions for the longer preservation of your laundry stock in the Henkel booklet “Laundry damage and prevention.” We will send it to you for free.

How to make clothes last longer?
With proper treatment, clothes can last twice as long as usual. For example, avoid wringing too vigorously (which often causes the threads to twist), hard rubbing on the washboard (which strains and stresses the fabric), ironing too hot (which causes scorch marks or shiny streaks), or hot soaking (which burns in the dirt) – then you have already done something to extend the life of the clothes. You‘ll find more valuable advice for the careful treatment of laundry in the Henkel booklet “Laundry damage and prevention,” which we will send to you for free.

While in the past, an increase
In your consumption was sought after,
Today, German conviction is,
We will triumph if we live frugally.

One finds hundreds of thousands of cases
Of the new German frugality,
Only cook potatoes in their skins,
With jacket potatoes, you‘ll get far.

As if peeled from an egg
I am – the jacket potato – round, smooth, without skin loss with full nutritional value. Skin loss is wasted people‘s food. Thrift is the motto!
Therefore: only jacket potatoes.

Be frugal with medicines,
Be frugal with chewing tobacco,
Then you will get along with them longer,
And be also frugal with – cognac.

Keep in mind with every tablet:
With remedies, one should always be frugal – and even more so today. This also applies to Silphoscalin tablets.
Carl Bühler, Konstanz
Pharmaceutical preparations factory

The Hanewacker friends are delighted
To get “your” Hanewacker today and share it in a way that it lasts as long as possible: Enjoy smaller pieces for longer, that helps stretch the Hanewacker supply!

Yes, be frugal with the brandy bottle
Drink every drop with reason!

The first sip: to quench the thirst!
The second: for the sake of enjoyment
With three, that‘s enough of happiness!
Then it goes back into the cupboard
Olden Peters, Cologne
Wine burner at the liqueur factory
Founded in 1814

Racke brandy
Racke 1855 Registered Trademark
Even a small glass of it provides strength and stimulation. Be frugal with it! Save it for special occasions.
Since 1855
A. Racke, Distillery and Liqueur Factory, Bingen/Rh. Founded in 1855

Protect your shoes, your bag,
So you serve your fatherland.

Chasatta shoes
taken off – stretched on lasts and treated with care, retain their proper shape; they thank you with a long lifespan.

What would your shoes say if you put them away without cleaning them after wearing them every time? Your handbag also wants to be cleaned! Wipe it off from time to time with a woolen cloth – especially the dust must be wiped out of the folds! Suede and rough leather should only be treated with a soft brush. – Another tip – through which your Gold-Pfeil bag remains beautiful for longer!

One putties pot and putties pan
In the not-yet-bombarded house
“Only half-full the bathtub!”
So many tanks are saved.

But if the pot now has a hole,
then we make ourselves a water and fire-resistant sealant from aluminum-bronze or gypsum, well mixed with UHU all-purpose adhesive.

Following the principle “Only half-full the bathtub,” bathing is not yet widespread today, although 100 liters are sufficient compared to a full 250-liter bathtub, saving 150 liters.
The gain: In addition to the water volume, you also save the difference in briquettes needed for heating each time (250 liters = 3.5 kg; 100 liters = 1.5 kg).

You travel only when it‘s urgently necessary
And limit radio listening,
In everything, you show yourselves willing,
The final victory shall be yours.

Unimportant train rides endanger the transport of weapons, ammunition, and food. Therefore, we refrain from private trips, so that our merchant receives our food regularly! This also includes:
the milk-born egg substitute

In Germany, there are at least 16 million radios with an average power consumption of 40 watt-hours. Each device is certainly running half an hour a day without anyone listening. That‘s 320,000 kilowatt-hours wasted.

It is almost tragically comic,
Who discovered it so cleverly?
From now on, one should drink strictly economically,
Only snow-cooled champagne.

Remember this and don‘t waste water. Even tap water costs energy, namely coal. A bottle of champagne can be cooled more cheaply in fresh winter air.
Deinhard Cabinet

If all German comrades
Chill their champagne like this,
Adolf is surely not shot,
Then the big turning point is coming soon.

The public wealth has been wasted
For Adolf’s illusion for a long time,
And still, you hope for blessings,
If you only limit consumption.

And if one only cares about armament purposes,
Then, you think, one will come far one day,
You save on the wrong corner
With the new German frugality.

Post-Editing: Tom Rieke