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Reply From a Fugitive

Fugitives can return without punishment.
In a public gathering held on a Saturday evening in Maastricht, Max Blokzijl announced that he has recently engaged in active correspondence with circles of so-called fugitives. He had gained the impression that many of them had been misled by circumstances and eagerly wished to escape from the confusion. After obtaining the necessary guarantees and approval from the relevant authorities in this regard, Max Blokzijl could assure these fugitives that they can return without facing penalties, provided they are willing to make themselves available for some useful and positive purpose. – 18-4-44

We will remain underwater,
Dear Max Blokzijl,
And will wait for later.
Because we do not see much benefit

If we surface now,
Even though you claim
Everything would be in order,
No Max, I do not trust

The safe conduct
You talk about so solemnly
Because I lack the enthusiasm
To become a German soldier

Or a slave
For the Germanic empire,
No, for the Nazi hordes
And the NSB filth

I prefer to remain free,
I will continue to hide,
I have experienced too much,
I will not fall into that pit,

Which you have dug for me,
I will wait a little longer,
And soon I will dig
Many graves for you crooks.

Because in my opinion,
That is a useful purpose,
So for now I will keep waiting
And sit quietly on my chair.

Post-Editing: Guido de Boer, Hanny Veenendaal