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Hasty Dispositions

In June 1941, the Romanian troops marched side by side with the Germans again across the Prut, and a few weeks later, both Bessarabia and Bukovina were recaptured from the Bolsheviks. However, the Dniester was now also crossed, and the Romanians continued to actively participate in the fighting. In October, Odessa fell, and in consultation with Germany, the area between the Dniester and the Bug, including Odessa, was annexed to Romania on October 19, 1941. Therefore, on most maps made after that time, the Romanian eastern border runs completely differently than on older maps. – 5/4

Odessa evacuated as part of planned maneuvers.
In the area of Odessa, our troops are still engaged in heavy defensive battles. The city itself was evacuated as part of planned maneuvers after weeks of preparation for the scheduled destruction of all facilities of importance for warfare, and after the completion of the removal of all ships, vehicles, and other war materials, as part of the planned maneuvers. – 11/4 1944

Antonescu spoke to the Führer
Against Russia, I am joining,
And I offer my country
To be at your disposal, in lockstep

Romanian soldiers will march
With the Germans across the Prut
For it is not difficult to guess,
Stalin will soon be finished.

Hitler said: One favor
Is certainly worth another
If Romania proves itself
In all endeavors,

Germany will show gratitude,
If you help, it will be your fortune,
Because you will own
A nice chunk of Russia,

And the brave Romanians
Fought for the swastika
And therefore Adolf already offered
To those comrades

As the sequestrator of the Soviet realm,
Russia’s West Ukraine,
Romania extends to the Dniester,
And they thought it was wonderful.

Yes, Romania was doing better,
Adolf‘s crusade seemed successful,
And Odessa became Romanian,
But then it became complicated.

The gains from forty-one
Romania has lost again,
Adolf Hitler distances himself,
The disappointment is quite great.

For the Russian bear meat,
It was already seen as property,
They saw new prosperity beckoning,
But the tables turned.

Ukraine is lost,
And Odessa has been evacuated,
And the dream of these fools
made for a rude awakening.

And they withdraw in haste,
And they learn from this distress:
Before dividing Russia’s bear,
Let’s see if he is really dead.

Post-Editing: Hanny Veenendaal