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The Song of Tito

… and this is “Marshal.”
No one except the Moscow backers knows this “General,” trained in a Soviet terror school and “tested” in the Spanish Civil War, who organized murder and sabotage to the detriment of the entire people, under the alias Tito.

On the Balkans, it is going great,
On the Balkans, it is going fast,
Yes, it’s bubbling like soda water,
Adolf Hitler is full of worry.

For he knows, he and Benito
Will soon be ruined,
And now in Yugoslavia
This Tito is also attacking him.

Adolf sings a sad song: Oh,
I don’t know what to do,
This Tito, oh this Tito,
Is giving me a hard time.

2) Look at this magnificent Marshal,
He seems almost like a magnet,
The Balkans are in upheaval,
Because the entire Balkans know

Marshal Tito’s partisans
Will certainly accomplish it,
And Tito’s banners will follow
Czechs, Romanians, Greeks, and Hungarians.

First, it seemed like a swarm of mosquitoes,
Now it is a quarter million,
Yes, the troops of Marshal Tito
Are giving Hitler quite a lot to do.

3. Here works Tito, there the Russians,
For the Germans it goes wrong,
They are in a difficult situation,
Their end is coming soon for sure.

What we witness there today
Gives us new hope,
And we gain new confidence,
On the Balkans, the light is shining.

If it were the same here in the Netherlands,
Yes, what would we do then?
If only we had a Tito here,
We would give them a hard time.

Post-Editing: Hanny Veenendaal