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cover / introduction

The Great Illusion

They sowed in your hearts
The dream of world domination,
Of Herrenvolk quality,
Of German Lebensraum.

That today Germany belongs to you,
Tomorrow the whole world,
And whoever disturbs the German circles,
Would be spoofed,

Yes, spoofed and bumped off,
They didn‘t care much
Who warned was laughed at,
They marched through the cocoa plantation.

Anyone who wasn‘t enthusiastic
About the Führer and the time,
And everything was considered wonderful,
The doubter was pitied.

You willingly followed step by step
The politics of Hitler,
Electrifying, the old
March music dragged you along.

You‘ve always been
Touched by the military,
And Adolf Hitler cleverly
and slyly exploited that.

Parade march and last post,
They held you captive,
The Third Reich was a frenzy,
Adolf was your man,

No, Adolf, he was your god,
He was your idol,
The one who didn‘t participate was scorned,
The swastika symbol

Became your new life goal,
It fulfilled you completely,
A new German style emerged,
And a new way of life.

In your minds, you saw the whole world
Subject to Germany,
Germany is young and healthy,
Has strength and energy.

The others are degenerated
And completely decadent,
Soon this world will be ruled
By the German regiment.

And they spent on the army
Many billion marks,
You barely got enough to eat
And felt so strong.

So we defeat the whole world
In a swift victorious march,
Anyone who opposes us,
Will soon recognize,

That we are invincible
And, as if in child’s play,
At lightning speed,
We reach our goal. –

Yes, it all seemed terribly easy
And was so terribly difficult,
Hitler’s goal remained unachieved,
The hope is gone.

The beautiful army is worn out,
The splendor has disappeared,
It is torn and soiled,
There is no more laughter.

The last German hope died,
Blood and money are wasted,
The only thing gained,
Is – the world‘s hatred.

Post-Editing: Ernst Sittig, Sylvia Stawski