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Hitlers Secret Weapon

Tuesday, April 25, 1944 – 2nd Year, No. 137
Eve of the Invasion?
Timing favorable now.
Secret weapons on both sides.
However, everything depends on whether the Allies can break through the Atlantic bulwark or not. Since, from the Allied side, it has not been disclosed with what means they hope to breach the heaviest bulwark in military history, and from the German side, nothing more is published about the secret retaliatory weapon, which can now be considered the backbone of the German defense system against a potential invasion, any further consideration about the “how?”and “what?” is mere speculation.

The invasion rumors are buzzing
Quite powerfully once again
And if we are not mistaken this time,
Then there is reason at this moment

For hope and optimism
That something will happen soon
And that German fascism
Will be attacked from all sides.

We have waited long for this
Because our situation is not so
Particularly pleasant,
That we wouldn’t be enormously happy

To welcome the disappearance
Of Adolf Hitler‘s tyranny
It takes long and sometimes we already think,
That freedom might never come.

And yet, much has happened
Just in the very recent time
And one day it will be said,
Thank God, time has come.

Yes, soon it comes to the final meeting
Between culture and barbarism,
The Nazis still try to bluff
But yet, we know, it’s over.

They spread rumors about secret weapons,
Which are kept in preparation
And boast that they will make it,
But things are going badly for them.

They know Adolf Hitler’s days
Are now definitively numbered
The enemy prepares for the final blow,
They are fearful and tormented.

They quiver before the thunderstorms
And before the day they will be punished
And yet they hide their trembling
And pretend as if they are full of strength.

It has been a long time since they barked
Against the terror bombing war,
They threatened retaliation
But the retaliation weapon remained silent

And was almost half forgotten
And Germany no longer believed in it,
But now, too little too late
The retaliation is brought up again.

It is now a defensive fortification,
Protecting the Atlantic Wall,
It brings devastation to the enemies,
It’s just as well that Germany possesses it.

Retaliation was kept from you,
Which was promised to you a long time ago,
And Germany feels a cold,
You can see that the swastika is weak.

You see the deception and the lies
And you recognize the crux of the matter:
It will never lead to victory again,
Defeat is not far away.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig