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The Rembrandt House in Amsterdam

The Rembrandt House in Amsterdam. Our Volunteers also fight for the preservation of these Dutch cultural values. – 12-II-44

Just by the
In the heart of the Jewish quarter
In Amsterdam stands a house
In old-Dutch style, majestic and splendid

Rembrandt van Rijn once lived here
The prince of painting from the Netherlands
And many magnificent paintings
Were created here by his master’s hand

The motifs for many scenes
He took from the Bible
Of Saul and David with the harp
Of Jeremiah, weeping

Of Jacob, Abraham, and Ruth
The old book provided the subjects
Because it never will be exhausted
When looking for inspiration for a canvas

And when Rembrandt was looking for a model
For some biblical figure
He often found it just outside
The ghetto harbored within the walls

Many a patriarchal head
For a progenitor or prophet
And Rembrandt paints, so that one believes
Moses himself posed

And served as his model
And it was just a Jew from the street
With his scissor and awl in his hands
But truly biblical in appearance

Centuries have passed
Rembrandt is gone, yet his house still stands
In the heart of the Jewish quarter
Just by the Sint Anthoniesluis

And through the centuries
Appreciation for his great art remained
The Jews are being expelled
They are less favored

The descendants of many Jews
Who once posed for Rembrandt
Were deported and were killed
For Jews are sent to hell

His house has been preserved
But Rembrandt’s spirit has been smothered
They pretend to honour him
Yes, when you hear them speak like that

Then they fight to preserve
Rembrandt’s work and Rembrandt’s spirit
But when you look at their actions
It has been the opposite

The old tribe has been exterminated
That inspired Rembrandt’s works
The Jewish quarter of Amsterdam
It’s now depopulated and destroyed

As a witness to humanity
The Rembrandt House still stands alone
Defying the madness of the times
The misdeeds of the swastika.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders