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German Opportunities

Without addressing the question of whether the launching of these rumors is intended as part of the ongoing psychological warfare, the Wilhelmstrasse observes that these rumors are caused by the sudden halt of the Soviet offensive on the southern flank and the continued absence of the invasion. From these facts, the foreign neutral press wants to draw the conclusion that negotiations between certain power groupings have been initiated. The speaker from the Wilhelmstrasse, who has repeatedly denied numerous peace rumors during this war, stated in response to a question about the causes and accuracy of these rumors that Germany currently has too many and too clear military opportunities to engage in negotiations with the opponents at this stage of the struggle. According to the opinion of German politicians, the enemies of the German Reich have let the good and favorable opportunities for a settlement pass by in this war. At present, military actions take absolute precedence over politics and diplomacy. – 28-4-44

That Germany wants to make peace
Is sharply denied,
We can do without it,
It is claimed in the newspaper,

For our opportunities in the war
Are currently excellent,
The victory laurels
In the east and also in the west,

That is beyond question,
They will soon be ours,
England’s suggestions
Certainly do not match reality.

We will not negotiate,
Things are going too well for us,
Treading the path of peace
Indicates adversity.

In Germany, there has been no mention
Of peace so far,
We have not taken a step
Towards it, and what you have

Recently learned about it
Is never true,
We fight without hesitation
If necessary, for another ten years.

They act as if their strength
Is still limitless,
While in our opinion
The people indeed desire peace.

They cannot give it,
That power is denied to them,
As long as the Nazis live,
This plea will not be settled.

A condition for peace
Is the fall of the swastika,
Will Germany come to its senses
Only when everything lies in ruins?

Impoverished, destitute, and defeated,
The swastika’s result,
To oust the bigwigs
Is Germany’s final opportunity.

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig