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There is no “But” and no “No”


Hitler dulds no opposition, from anyone. Even a remark starting with „But…. Mein Führer“ is enough to fall out of favor with him. That has become such a habit for him that he can sometimes have the greatest difficulties with his staff officers now that he has appointed himself as the „First Soldier-Supreme Commander.“ If one could read the thoughts of millions of Germans, those who have grown up with the belief that everything the Führer does is good and he is infallible, then one would read: we were mistaken when we thought that England and France would not enter the war. We were mistaken when we believed that the British Dominions would remain neutral. And we were completely wrong when we counted on British India to revolt. It was also premature to assume that Japan would keep the entire British fleet in the East occupied. It was folly as well to suppose that Spain would become a base for our submarines. And we were also mistaken in assuming that Poland would surrender without resistance when Russia indicated they would not come to their aid. Of course, our Führer is always right, but… is he indeed?

The leader was always right
And there was no contradiction
Whoever dared to contradict
Soon realized
Only Adolf knows what is good for us
Only Adolf knows what benefits us
And what the national economy gets
Because he is smart and shrewd

There is no “but” and no “no”
And Adolf knows it all alone
And when he says it, it will be so
Just give the leader free rein
Whatever Adolf does is well done

Whether Germany needs butter
The leader knows, he is clever
And if the German people are half full
If he thinks that is enough
Be convinced, then it’s true
The main thing is the idea
And even if the stomach hurts from hunger
It doesn’t hurt the German soul

There is no etc.

If one only diligently creates weapons
Hunger will one day be satisfied
Only armament gives us strength
Through it, the stomach will be filled one day
There is no resistance
Woe to those who stand against us
We will subjugate every country
Even if it’s the whole world

There is no etc.

But now, for quite some time
It is noticed that Adolf’s calculation is not right
And that he has predicted poorly
And there is no good ending
Even if the newspaper sings every day
The same song in your ear
But little by little, doubt arises
In many a faithful mind

Final refrain:

Is there no “but” and no “no”?
And does Adolf know it all alone?
And if he says it, will it be so?
He may still believe it himself
But does it really hold true? I believe: No!

Post-Editing: Sylvia Stawski, Ernst Sittig