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The Pseudo-Democrats

Those who brought about this war,
They are not only located in Berlin,
Even if today they pretend to be pious,
Their guilt will not be forgiven.

Though they now speak of peace,
And of Germany’s serious guilt,
We know it well: Their nice speeches
Are untrue, and their hearts are filled

They only desire to dominate us,
Keeping wealth and power,
Even if it costs millions of bodies,
And your blood and life’s force.

They let the misery simmer,
Devoid of any empathy,
They allowed fascism to grow,
And zealously supported it.

They let Hitler forge weapons,
And happily tolerated it,
It brought them profit, that satisfied them,
Even if it will go wrong eventually.

They had nothing to do with it,
On the contrary, it brought them benefits,
After all, business is business,
If you don’t do that, then you go broke.

And besides, they were very certain,
That Hitler was going to go against Russia,
They saw him sympathetically as an avenger
And as a true savior,

As a fighter against Bolshevism,
And a protector of property,
With their petty selfishness,
They do not care about the fate of humanity.

Today, many people in London
Are terribly anti-German,
And if we clearly understand,
Adolf was once their darling.

One acts so democratically holy,
And raises up the Nazis to greatness,
But today one quickly reassures oneself,
Because the Nazi star is fading.

These are the pseudo-democrats,
In London, Washington, The Hague,
We are keeping a close eye on them,
And will soon grab them by the collar.

Post-Editing: Benno Groeneveld, Kurt Gerhard Funke