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The Red Menace

What is now written in our newspapers about the Soviet Union is only confirmation and emphasis of what one could hear in all Dutch churches and meeting halls before 1941. Have all those pastors and ministers been talking nonsense for all these years? Or is their current attitude towards Bolshevism absurd? One of the two. They damn well know that what is written about Russia is no nonsense! However, they also know that if they openly acknowledge it now, it will have certain consequences for them that they do not want! That’s why they remain silent or suggest that it’s “not-so-bad-anymore,” but deep down, they trust that thanks to Adolf Hitler‘s armies, the danger will be kept away from their beds! These leaders and their followers, like the anonymous-capital letter from Hengelo, actually deserve Bolshevism to triumph. Then they would sing a different tune! However, we cannot wish it for them, as the life of our people and the future of our children are at stake. However, it will not come to that, as the Germanic soldier and his European comrade stand guard. The defensive front has been pushed far back, but the military strength of Germania and Europe is not depleted or weakened. It is the strength of a tightly coiled steel spring that will, at the right moment, rebound with irresistible force and shatter the victory dreams of the Kremlin! – 4-4-44

And when the wicked Communists come,
Every decent citizen will suffer,
Then everything he owns will be taken,
His house, his gold, and every right,

Even worse, they will confiscate the women,
They will become public property,
In Rostock, Buxtehude, and in Plauen,
Everyone was struck dumb with horror.

The children will be sent to reeducation homes,
Just taken from their parents,
All dreams for the future will vanish,
A time of plunder and murder will come.

In those times, one will no longer have enough to eat,
And finally, one will die of hunger,
The German misfortune cannot be measured,
If Germany was to turn red one day.

Day and night, one would not feel safe,
Constantly trembling of the G.P.U.,
They would charge us like Blücher,
And you and I would have to die.

People would wait in line in front of all German stores,
But it‘s questionable if one would still get anything,
And you all were terribly afraid back then,
And wished for nothing but Hitler‘s victory.

They built a propaganda wall
Around every good German citizen‘s mind,
But this wall won’t hold forever,
And some realized to be mistaken.

What they once wanted to scare you with,
The hardship, the death, the misery, and the night,
What the Bolsheviks were supposed to bring,
Adolf Hitler brought upon you.

You wanted to avoid your doom,
But your measures taken were wrong,
You brought worst suffering upon the country,
And brought war upon the world.

If evil Bolsheviks should come today,
Not much can harm you anymore,
Because all you had, has long been taken away from you,
And thoroughly, you have to admit …

Post-Editing: Kurt Gerhard Funke