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Antoon Stands Tall (Pop Song)

Mussert soldier of the German Wehrmacht
In the event of an invasion in the Netherlands
During the public meeting of the NSB, held on Saturday evening at the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam, the Leader, with great enthusiasm from the packed hall, declared his position in case of a possible invasion of the Netherlands by the Allied armies. “There are those,” Mussert said, “who will wonder: where will you, our Leader, be when the invasion comes to our country? Is your car ready? I can tell them: my comrades, I have made my decision. When the invasion comes, I will, under all circumstances, be in Utrecht. This morning, I received a new uniform, that of a volunteer soldier in the German Army. I will put on this uniform as soon as the invasion arrives.” – 12-6-44

1) I definitely won’t flee,
Mussert declared promptly,
I will defend myself fiercely,
When an invasion comes.

The Tommy may feel it
When the storm breaks out soon.
I already got fitted with
A German uniform.

If Yankees and Tommies
Come ashore in the Netherlands,
Then I know that they are foolish
Because Antoon stands tall here.

2) Don’t believe the rumors
That I am leaving the country,
I’m definitely not running away,
Because I became a German soldier.

When the Tommies come,
My strategy is determined:
I have made the decision:
I will be in Utrecht.


3) Opponents said:
My car was ready.
No, friends, it’s very different,
It’s completely untrue.

When the Brits come,
I will remain sitting calmly
Here on the Maliebaan
In my German uniform.


4) Is this news
For England a noose,
The German military leaders
Are probably counting on it.

They already shout from the towers,
With Antoon as a soldier
Germany is not lost,
All of Germany sings resolutely

We now have something better
Than the Atlantic Wall,
Because Antoon Mussert himself
Stands tall in the Netherlands.

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders