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“Everyone is Tired of War”

Everyone is tired of war,
Everyone wonders when it will end,
Is peace still not coming?
Soldiers want to go home,

They want to be with their wives,
Wives want to see their husbands,
And every day they think with dread,
That he might still fall.

Fathers want to be with their children
Whom they haven’t seen for so long,
And today they resent the Nazi bullies,
Yes, it can’t go on like this anymore.

Soldiers, workers, and farmers,
They occasionally think,
How long will this thing last?
When will we finally find peace?

The Führer will not lead forever,
No, one day it will be over,
Then he won’t harass you anymore,
Life then will become a pleasure.

And all people will become brothers,
HE has lost his “Kampf”,
The time of Nazi songs is over,
Gone the time of propaganda battles,

The time of hunting people is over,
Because Heinrich Himmler is no more,
It’s over for the slaughter of nations,
They no longer sing “people to arms”.

The wailing of sirens is over,
That now gnaws at everyone’s nerves,
Yes, it is over with the terrors
Of which we are at the mercy today.

Gone are the times of anxious nights,
Where fear took away sleep,
The time of torturers is over,
Because a time of freedom has come.

I know, better times will come,
Because it can’t stay like this forever,
One day, the bells of peace will ring,
But sometimes I ask myself: When?

Certainly, it won’t remain like this on earth,
No, once the world will have enough,
But I wish it would be different,
As long as you still have something of it …

Post-Editing: Robert Saunders