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Pompous Funeral

After the death of Reinhard Heydrich – A telegraphed photo of the arrival of the remains in Berlin. – 12-6-42. H.A.H.

Today I saw a photo
From almost two years ago
The funeral procession of Heydrich in Berlin
It was different back then than it is today

One sees people with outstretched hands
Watching the procession,
No ruins or fires are seen,
Only intact buildings.

One sees an undamaged Berlin
Still whole and untouched
Today it will certainly be different,
They caused quite a few explosions there.

Many who raised their hands
And cried with the wolves,
Today care nothing for the Nazis,
And are buried under rubble.

Among those who are alive, many
Have come to their senses now,
Because it is clear now, there will be no
Realization of their dreams.

Friend Heydrich certainly received
A magnificent funeral back then
Back then, that was possible with an all-out effort,
Today it would certainly be disappointing.

If Herr Himmler were to pass away now,
I would find it wonderful
Because, as you know,
I certainly do not belong to his friends.

Today his coffin was on the gun carriage,
And was buried with honor
It looked less beautiful than back then,
Because the ravens were not yet cawing

The song of imminent downfall
Of Germany‘s Nazi pillars,
Back then, victory songs were heard
Today, there is nothing but crying.

Himmler‘s funeral procession today
Would pass through devastated streets
The crowd of those who attended
His funeral would be much thinner,

And yet the time is certainly limited
For Himmler and his loved ones,
Because if they still want such a funeral,
They must hurry somewhat.

Post-Editing: Hanny Veenendaal