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Doctor Göbbels’ Masquerade

Dr. Goebbels on the year 1943.
While bitter fighting rages in the East, Reich Minister Dr. Goebbels publishes a sober diagnosis of the developments in the year 1943 in “Das Reich.” Everywhere, he observes, Germany has managed to maintain its crucial economic and military positions, and in London and Washington, it is openly admitted that the Allies have only been able to achieve a very small part of their grand plans for the year 1943. In this regard, Germany can thus be satisfied with the course of the war year. The past year did not bring the Germans what they expected, but it brought the enemies even less.
The German Minister of Propaganda then concerns himself with Anglo-American bluff agitation, which created the impression in a certain part of the world that the Allies’ victory is a foregone conclusion, and there is no need for further discussion. They design and propagate destruction programs against Germany and the German people as if they were already in Berlin. In reality, however, they are still fighting for even the smallest piece of territorial gain for Rome. In this context, Dr. Goebbels also delves into the theme of so-called war criminals, which plays a significant role in Anglo-American agitation. He notes that Roosevelt and Churchill, who are guilty of this war, present the attacked as the guilty ones. The German situation regarding the Allied war criminal propaganda is characterized by the minister with the words: “We are playing the role of the police in relation to our enemies, which must neutralize a gang of criminals. That gangsters hate the police is related to their profession.” In reality, there is no crime against humanity, culture, and civilization in this war that our enemies have not been guilty of. The minister reminds us of the famine in India, the killings of women and children in the air war, and the destruction of venerable cultural heritage of the continent.
Finally, Dr. Goebbels calls the year 1944 the most dangerous year in which the fate of civilized humanity will be at stake. It still conceals numerous mysteries, but in Germany, they know that they will be able to solve all these mysteries and must do so. – 31/12

Sometimes these days,
I get lost in sadness,
But then it amuses me,
How Goebbels shamelessly

Twists and distorts the truth,
And knows how to retouch,
The biggest liar in the world,
Manages to amuse me.

Mr. Goebbels is the comparative
Of the blessed Munchhausen,
Yes, I claim positively
The German minds’ nonsense

Was produced by him,
Over so many years,
And implanted in your minds,
With radio and fanfares.

But alas, the jug of dreams broke,
And you have a hangover,
And perhaps you are also thinking
About the father of lies.

And just like a cocaine addict
Must always be kept intoxicated,
So the illusionist conjures
New delusions for you,

And new images for your mind,
Knows how to twist everything,
A thread of lies that never rips,
Ludicrous to behold.

The heat of the sun of freedom
Melts the Nazi ice,
The swastika is not doing well,
Goebbels seeks to shift the blame.

And every lie he spoke
Always found belief in Germany,
And even if the deceit was weak,
He was allowed to do it.

The question now becomes relevant,
Who bears the guilt of the war,
And quickly, Goebbels constructed
The new guilt-of-the-war lie.

He simply turns the tables,
Very cleverly,
Behold, my German audience,
Mr. Goebbels is already finished.

We were calm, were silent,
And only wanted peace,
But since the evil enemy does not want it,
It was not granted us.

They attacked us base and cowardly,
And now they dare say
That Hitler and the Third Reich
Bear the guilt of the war.

In reality, we fulfill
The role of the world police,
Yes, dear people, believe me,
The star that we inhabit

Is protected and guarded by us
Against a gang of bandits,
Violent, mean, and cunning,
The Yankees and the Britons.

They are bloodthirsty and brutal,
And thieving like ravens,
And great is the number of crimes
They they have committed.

Thus he paints a portrait
Of the evil enemy ruler,
It is as if I see a picture
Of Adolf, Germany‘s leader.

The gangster king of this world,
With the crown of criminals,
Who holds us in fear and terror,
A super-Al Capone.

He presents himself as an honest man,
And as the guardian of order,
Who, all by himself, can protect
The world‘s holiest goods.

As often at the masquerade ball,
The harmless quiet citizen
Appears as a criminal case,
As a robber and a strangler.

Thus here, in reverse,
The murderers and bandits show themselves,
On a morally high horse,
As guardians of noble customs.

The gangsters play police,
The wolves pretend to be sheep,
And Michel, the cocaine addict,
Believes it in his sleep.

He, through Goebbels‘ words and writings,
Has almost forgotten to think,
Intoxicating propaganda poison
Has eaten away at his brain.

And Joseph, with a flood of lies,
Cleverly disguises the truth,
But some see it is carnival,
And therefore not to be taken seriously.

One feels that humanity fights for its freedom,
All countries will be free,
It won‘t be long, then it will be over
For the gang of criminals.

Post-Editing: Hanny Veenendaal